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Around 400 Pounds of Premium Coraline Covered Live Rock


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So as many of you know I am having to shut down my 220 gallon tank. As of today it has officially been sold as well as my 65 gallon.

I have about 400 pounds of excellent quality live rock with tons of purple on it and quite a few pieces have lots of different corals encrusted onto them.

There are absolutely no pests on this rock that I have observed. I have never seen or had to remove a single bristle worm or isopod or bidi ranch or majano or aiptasia or pest algae from any of the pieces of rock. Every single piece was started dry has been hand selected by me.

Most of the pieces with coral will be priced individually and some have already been spoken for but for the rest of the rock it is $3.00 per pound. First come first serve.

There are a lot of high quality desirable shapes and sizes and I need to sell it all beige next weekend or it will likely be going to one of the local fish stores or to a friends house.

If interested please call or text 512-653-5415 to set up an appointment.

I will only reserve choice pieces with paypal prepayment


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I know certain wrasses bury themselves in the sand, but watching it for the first time was Crazy! Put that big guy in that tank just a few minutes ago and he went straight in like a whirlwind! Got a big laugh out of it! Hope to see him soon!

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