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tunze osmolator - emergency need. I.


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I am having some issues with my unit that i have presently. It does detect the lower level correctly but the pump is not being turned on. I know its not the pump because when i unplug and plug it back the pump turns on and pumps water.

I am going to be away and am asking my friend to look after the tank for a couple of weeks. I am trying to make it as easier on him as possible to maintain it. So ATO failed at exactly the worse time imaginable.

I could try and troubleshoot it but i didn't want it to crap out again while i am away.

Do you have any any that you are willing to sell or spare for couple of weeks? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The pump could be going out. I've had that issue before. Tunze is in town if you want to call them. He may be of better help. They have replacement pumps at Aquatek.

The pump seems to kick on when i reset power. It works everysingle time i turn power off and on. but then it stops without filling all the way to get the sensor to green. Do you still think its the pump

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Open the box and turn the knob to max, and see if it helps. There was a time were my pump would only run for a few seconds, I bought a new pump and everything went back to normal.

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