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Mixing Wrasses - 90g


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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to get some local input on the topic.

I have a small (peaceful) Yellow Corsi wrasse in my tank. I was thinking about grabbing another wrasse to join in the family as well, but I've heard some concerns around keeping multiple wrasses in the same tank.

1) Would 'mixing' breeds of Wrasses be bad - and does it vary by species?

2) Could a 90g support multiple wrasses / breeds of wrasses assuming a 'yes' on #1.

3) Do you have any suggestions for other peaceful wrasses (I've heard some grumblings around irritable 6-line wrasses for example)

Just wanted to get stories or thoughts - thanks!

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Yes, you can mix wrasses, and yes it varies by species. For example, in my 230 I have a cleaner wrasses, a leopard wrasse, and a mystery wrasse. I've never seen any of them pay the slightest attention to each other.

Besides being aggressive or guarding a territory the other big concern is what they'll eat. If you focus on species that eat prepared foods you'll be much better off in the long run.

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That's quite a few wrasses for a 90g. While the red coris is pretty, ultimately that tank is too small for him and they're technically not reef safe. The flames and mystery are probably different enough, but the green and mystery may have problems.

The other two key considerations with wrasses is that you want a decent sand bed for them to hide in (they burrow), and it needs to be fine grain or they'll literally scrape themselves raw trying to burrow. The other is that they're jumpers, so you need to have screens, glass covers, or a canopy on your tank to prevent them jumping. Early on I lost a $120 gorgeous mystery wrasse when I came home and found him on the floor where he'd been for several hours.

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Think I'm good on the sand bed. It's by no means a DSB - but my Yellow Corsi did a fine job and digging down and hiding there until he was acclimated.

I also use a glass top that covers ~90%+ of the top of the tank.

So far in the 90 I only have the one wrasse. (I think you might have confused madsalt's reply - it looks like he has a 180g tank).

Any favorite Reef Safe wrasse suggestions? Was leaning towards a male leopard wrasse to add in with the Yellow.

I feed almost purely Rod's foods to the tank.

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