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Brs dual reactor


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also curious if anyone has a spare brs dual reactor laying around they aren't using. I'll buy one new if I have to but rather pick up a used one for cheaper.

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LOL yep. I sold mine a couple months ago, since my reef tank just isnt having phosphate issues, and rox 0.8 carbon works well in a bag (by well, i mean more gentle, it's far too aggressive in a reactor...that experiment they did on brs.com where they show it totally clearing water in a mater of minutes is way too aggressive in my opinion and it's really made my corals mad in the past running it in a reactor). If I cant find a used brs dual reactor, I'll be using my aquamaxx hob nano calcium reactor with sicce pump, just filled with bioballs for this purpose. Granted, due to the copper dosing, I'll never be able to use or sell it for reef purposes again. Oh well.

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