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Two different clowns


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Juviniles of the different Percula and Ocellaris varieties can be paired usualy without problems. Keeping different species together is not recommended. Short term it can be done as juviniles but as they mature problems are most likely to develop. Only experienced aquarists that are willing to commit to maintiaining them in large tanks for the 20 to 30 years they live should be attempting pairs or trios of different species together.

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Generally a no-no to put clowns of different species in the same tank, but I've seen it done in the short term where they don't even acnowledge each other's presence (like maroon + occy for example). These are all cases of juveniles of less than 3". If you go trying to put an adult Clarkii with an adult maroon clown in just about any home aquaria, one is dying in short order

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