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Random stuff for sale (ATO/sump/koralias/chiller/MP40w)


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Broke down a 75g tank years ago, picked up a ~200 last year, it came with a lot of extra stuff. Finally time to shed the items I don't need:

Koralia's - various o.b.o.

2x Koralia 4 120v (new, used maybe a week) - $50/$85 $40/$70 $35/$60 $25/each / $50/pair
1x Koralia 2 120v (no plug, used to be hardwired. great condition) - $30 $25 $20 $10
1x Koralia 1 120v (used, good condition) - $25 $20 $15 SOLD

Everything for $80 $70 $55

Tunze ATO/Osmolator/Calcium Disp/Bucket - $200 $150 $125 $100 $75

Tunze 5017 (ATO/Osmolator- magnet not included)
Tunze 5074 (Calcium Dispenser)
Tunze 5000.020 (ATO pump)
Tunze 5002.250 (7 gal bucket)

Sump / frag tank 30 gal - $200 $175 $150 $125 $100 o.b.o

48" x 12" x 13" (approx)

Tank came with a display tank I picked up on CL. holds water.

Ecotech Vortech MP40w gen2 - $250 $175 $150 dibs by Reburn 5/23 SOLD 5/27

Worked awesome on old tank, new tank has a pair of Tunze. (dry side sticks out too much where new tank is located). I loved it, hate to see it go.

Chiller 120gallons 1/8hp - $200 $150 (heater only and reduced) dibs by hampton on CL 5/11 - SOLD 5/13

Teco Seachill tr10 chiller ran on a 75gallon tank. Comes with heater and UV . Unit ran indoors all its life. Still works great! Got a bigger tank!

Chiller 500gallons 1/3hp - $300 $275 (with UV) SOLD

Teco Seachill tr20 chiller ran on a 200gallon tank. Came as a set with aquarium purchase on CL. tested and runs good. I have a commercial chiller on my system and don't need this.

(willing to pull the heater and UV from the smaller unit to this unit for $50 more here, if still available.)

Willing to trade for a good condition:
CO2 regulator w/ solenoid
36w UV Clarifier
BNC pH probe (for use w/ apex and calc reactor)
apex EB8 or EB4
LR match grade primers


Picts to come in replies, or check album: http://www.maast.org/album.php?albumid=482

I'm located in Round Rock, off the IKEA exit (which I will soon now call the Bass Pro Shops exit!)

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Chris, thx for buying the chiller! Heres a link to the replacement bulbs once that one goes: 14W Replacement UV Bulb for use with UVLB-1X APUV12 Length: 12" - http://amzn.com/B00BWSEHDU and link to manufacturer site that has documentation: https://www.tecous.com/chillers/seachill-tr20/ I also found the heater add-on: https://www.tecous.com/accessories/heater-kit/ and here's the supremely crappy valve that normally come with it that i didnt use: https://www.tecous.com/replacement-parts/shutoff-valves/ To program, hit "set" for a couple sec until it blinks, then up/down on temp. set again quickly sets it.

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