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Tank mover recommendations


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Time to move the 60g from the apartment to the house... have decided I really don't want to do it myself so looking for recommendations on a company/person to do it.

I'm at a point, between being half moved into the new place and at the end of the school year, where I just don't want to fuss with finding a million right sized tupperware containers for coral, mixing up 15 extra gallons of saltwater, reconnecting all the plumbing, etc. (plus the tank doesn't really fit in my little Honda), so I'm really looking for someone who will be completely full service on the move and set-up.

I remember seeing a thread with a very positive recommendation but it was in someone's tank build thread over a year ago and I can't find it! Let me know if you have a person/company you know will do a great job! Thanks all!

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