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New tank upgrade questions and thread


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So I am moving up from a 40g to a 60g in the next week or so. I have some questions, and could use some feed back as I go along.

Right now I have about 50lbs of live rock that I bought when I started the 40g a few months ago. It had some algae issues when I bought it, but it was really cheap, and I wanted to battle it to see if I could get a handle on it. I beat it before, on my last tank years ago with Kent Tech M. I used the same treatment, and it was working, so I started stocking the tank. As I did, I maybe moved too fast, and my nitrates started to rise. So I started some water changes, which lowered my nitrates, but also my Mg, and the bryopsis is coming back. So, I plan on getting another big jug of Tech M, and treat again. I am not sure if I should do this in the 40 before the move or, scrub the rock down in the transfer, and start fresh in there.

I also want to go with a real deep sand bed because I want to put some jawfish in there, and maybe some other creatures that like a DSB. So I was planning on washing my sandbed in the 40 until the water runs clean in a bucket, and adding another 5gal bucket as well. I am kind of thinking that I may want to cycle it with just a bit of liverock before transferring all of the rock and livestock. I also have a bit of cyano on the sandbed, thinking that it may be from nitrates, and the sandbed coming to life. I am sure that I will have some algae issues to deal with in a new tank anyways, but with the bryopsis treatment, and cyano, I worry about it getting messy. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

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