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Biocube 29 RapidLed Wiring?


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Has anyone wired up a RapidLED retrofit kit with solderless LEDS and dimmer together for a Biocube29?

I have everything in place but need to set the dimmer with a voltmeter. The duel wires for the solderless is confusing on where the voltmeter points touch so I can set the dimmers for high and low range so I don't blow my LEDs.

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Ian, I have everything wired up and need to set the dimmer settings for the min and max settings. From my understanding I need to use the voltmeter inline with my LED connection string to do that. Where do I place the probes to get an accurate current reading to be able to set the dimmers. I don't want to fry my LEDs in this process. Attached are pics of my heat sink with LEDs wired and a close up.




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