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Live Sand and filterations systems


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I am new to salt water so forgive the lack of knoweldge.

I am starting to build a Reef Tank. ( no water in the tank yet)

Can i get live sand from a beach? If so is this more or less healthy than other options?

Does anyoone know of a site that has pictures if saltwater set ups with the filtration systems? I am looking for soething that describes the differences, both pros and cons......ie cost difficulty etc.

what would be great is if they had severla different types of common set ups and then gave a summery of the benifits of each.

I like the tanks that are full of invertibrates and corals plus fish, as well as the little bugs/worms This is what I want to build.

I am also making my stand since i cant find one I like. So any susgestions in this area are welcom.

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Welcome to the club and hobby

You have asked a ton of questions in an amazingly short space.


1)DO NOT get sand from the beach. You will have MANY problems if you do. Texas beaches are SOOOOO nasty.

2)There are many different types of filtration available. The most popular is the Berlin Method.

Zeovit is another variation. It uses biological filtration, but does not require live rock.

Hiatt filtration is another. I don't recommend this one for a reef with corals.

I hope this gets you started. Post if you have any other questions.

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