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How long do you keep your lights on


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I have a 72" 3X 250w MH lighting system, the blue pc Bulbs don't work on it anymore, so I have some LED lights that I was going to connect up to the controler that they came with but how long shound I have them run?

Right now I run

Blue leds from 7-9am

MH 9am- 3pm

White and blue leds 3pm-7pm

Blue 7pm- 9pm

Thoughts and ideas

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I'd just observe the livestock. If there's no signs of light stress, no need to reduce it. If everything looks happy, and you're maybe wanting more growth or longer viewing, increase a little.

I personally run mine like this:

Blue/violet LEDs: 11% intensity 11am-3pm

Blue/violet LEDs ramp to 100% 3pm-4pm

2x250 watt MH on with LEDs at 60% 4pm-10pm

LEDs ramp from 100%-off 10pm-11pm

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