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Love Niko's


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Three different places I went to today. First was work where I found a nice Cobra endler hippy and a female guppy for my brothers tank. Then off to FG to check out shrimp because they normally have cool ones. Nothing neat but I got some plants.

Then decided.. why not swing by Nikos since its on the way home? Lo and behold I find some awesome shrimp and some neat plants to kick start my new nano shrimp tank, and to help spruce up my new betta tank. I couldn't be happier with the service Chris provided (also getting to talk about out Mustangs.. always a plus lol)

I left with a bag of goodies and spent less than $20. Super deal.




Tanks look gross cause I was stirring stuff up planting.

Yall have a customer for life here. We even talked about the upcoming 120 gallon turtle tank my brother and I will start on soon.

Love you guys. Seriously. I lucked out on moving so close.

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Thanks Makena for the support. U barely missed the saltwater shipment we got in today. Some really amazing stuff. Have big plans for the freshwater side. We just started getting into the plants, and will be expanding the plant section and shrimp selection soon. Next step will be getting our Discuss setup up and running. Planning on starting that next week.

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Awesome! Im a HUGE fan of dwarf shrimp and for yalls prices def never making the trek to FG for expensive shrimpies anymore. Save money on gas to spend on shrimp :P

Ill probably scoot on back tomorrow for the Spot On sale to pick up more shrimp!

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