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Bali Acro Sale

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Have some leftover Bali Acro colonies that need to move before future shipments can come in. This was one of the nicest shipments of acros I've recieved from Bali and a few of the pieces include:

Acropora Millepora, Gomezi, Plana, Parilis, Hoeksemai, Cerealis, Tenuis, Formosa, Valida, Plana, Robusta, Papillare, Pulchra

Montipora Digitata, Aequituberculata, Verrucosa

Favia Chinensis, Pallida

All Bali acros will be marked 20% off and keep in mind they are very nice sized colonies, most are 2"x3"+



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if you still have this one I'll take it


Sorry Brian, the Planas were gone only a few minutes of posting on Maast and ARC. I will definitely try to get a few more of them as it seems they're what everyones into.

Nice snag Brian!

I need to come see you again Matt!

Come by anytime Gabe, a ton has changed since you've been out last!

where are you at? And do u have any of the BALI TRI-COLORED ACRO (purple and green)

I'm located out in Taylor, about 30minutes northeast of Austin off Highway 79. I do not have any of the purple and green tricolor, however there is a really sweet hoeksemai here: http://www.austinaquafarms.com/salespages/...ages/sps_3d.htm

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