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Lighting for sale - Fixtures, ballasts, bulbs


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I have the following for sale:


1-250W DE Pendent can be mounted to canopy or hung from cieling (measures 12Lx8Wx5H)

1-IceCap 250W Electronic ballast with wiring harness

1-10K Reeflux DE bulb (aprox. 9 mos. old)

All for $100


1- 2x36" T5 Retro Kit with Workhorse 5 ballast and Actinic Super Blue bulbs (bulbs about 9 months old)



3 pairs- 2x96(192w) Power Compact retro setups

Each pair wired w/ballast, endcaps and 3 month old actinic bulbs (have a total of 4 bulbs so 3rd set is without bulbs)

$40 each pair w/bulbs or $100 for all 3 sets

I'm in NW Austin (Milwood)

Give me a call if interested at 512-461-3120.



(sorry for reposting but was unable to edit original post)

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