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Wtb 75-90 gallon


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As the topic says. On a pretty tight budget. Looking to stay under 200 as I'm also wanting to upgrade my lighting. Too many bills right now to just buy it all at once.

My 55 has out grown itself and I seem to keep breaking acros every time I put my hands in the tank and I just flat out am sick of the 12" front to back depth. Wanna upgrade to a 75 or 90. Won't go any bigger because then that means bigger skimmer, bigger lights, more flow, ect. Just not ready for that kind of upgrade. Nor will I be for several years.

Reef ready preferred but not necessary. Stand, sump, canopy, or other equipment also appreciated but not necessary. Gonna check out some stands but if I have to repair or touch anything up I'll just build my own.

Let me know what you've got.

Pm me. LMK what you've got!

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