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Good news!!!


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That's my backup plan if things go south. Unfortunately I don't have a tiny fan to use as I've heard those work every bit as good as a chiller. House is only 2 years old. Still under warranty.

Turned off the unit at bedtime and sweated through the night. I run warm so 80 degrees is uncomfortable for me. All the lines on the outdoor unit were frozen over and thawed when I woke. It works this morning so the house is cool, but freezing up implies there is a problem somewhere and it'll happen again.

Repair man is supposed to be out today. Told them it has to be before 2 because I gotta go to work. They assured me it would be. Still ain't here. Thank God for my in laws. They came over and are gonna wait on them and make sure it's fixed. What a hassle. Glad it happened now and not back in July.

Sorry mods. This probably should have been in the off topic section

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