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Fuzzy Dwarf Lion in a Reef Tank?


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Hey guys,

I've been mulling over some stocking options - specifically - I'm eying up getting a Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish.

Been doing some research on the guys.

Seems like there's some mixed opinions on how they do in the reef - and with other fish.

General rule of thumb - they don't eat anything bigger than (or what they think is bigger) their mouths.

I have a 90 gallon tank - And I'm considering stocking with the following:

-Fuzzy Dwarf

-2 Clowns (Percs or B/W)

-Powder Blue Tang

-Flame Angel

I'm figuring the Tang and Angel are too big to get bothered by the lion. Although there's some bigger fish here - keeping the stock to around 5 fish shouldn't be over stocking it (or at least I think - opinions?).

I do have concerns about the clowns. I'd be adding them first and could wait to get some larger clowns and a smaller FDL when intially introducing to the tank. Additionally - I'd like to keep a skunk cleaner shrimp in there - do you think he'd get eaten/harassed?

Also - what experiences have you guys had with FDL's? Good reef fish? Pain to feed? Other considerations?

I'd love to hear it!


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Lotta "maybe's", success is going to depend on you paying close attention to your animals behavior and maintenance. I've seen big Volitan spp lionfish live years with damsels but grew up with them in the tank so the damsels apparently weren't recognized as prey. Dr. Scott Micheal, "Marine Fishes" lists a 100 gal as the minimum size for a Powder Blue so your tank is on the small side (Tang Police will be after you).

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