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16g innovation marine tank


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Hey guys! I haven't been on in awhile and sold my big tank because it was to much of a hassle in my apartment. However I just can't stay out! Ever since I sold my 85 I have been missing it horribly lol! So I am starting again with the tank that got me into this hobby. I had this tank up for about a year and had great success with a few goby's and some zoas and mushrooms. So I have some plans ongoing and hoping to start setting this up this weekend.

But... as always I have a question. I am buying some dry tongan live rock from BRS, my question is what is the best way to get corraline started on this rock once I get the tank set up and cycled? I have also recently seen tanks with many different colors of corraline algae in the tank. I know if I just scrape some off of a existing rock into the tank I will start spreading the spores but I really want some greens in there to! Anyone know a good place to maybe buy some prepackaged spores of different colors? Anyone got some little corraline rocks they wouldn't mind sharing with me for a reasonable price?

Thanks for looking and I will post more of my thoughts on what I am planning for this tank over the next few days!

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So here is where I am at!


So the first time I set this tank up I really wasn't happy with the aquascaping so I really wanted to take my time on it this go round. I started by cutting a piece of acrylic the same size roughly as the bottom of the tank. I then ordered about 15lbs of tongan dry rock from BRS, (I am really happy with this rock BTW BRS is awesome!), I then took some scrap pieces of acrylic and cut flat bottoms on the rock once I figured out how I wanted the rock to sit and epoxied the rock to these tiny scrap pieces. Once the epoxy was set, I used weldon on 16 to glue the rock to my base piece of acrylic. All in all I am very happy with the way it turned out!


Ok these 2 pics were my mock up I found a odyssea 150w MH pendant, with 2 t5 atinics and 2 blue moonlight LEDs. Reviews on this pendant were mixed but I am happy with it so far. I am taking it as a given that I will have to replace the ballast on it within the next year or 2 but we will see.

Also in the drawer of my stand is my ATO chamber and pump. I did a DIY version that I actually got most of the good info from here on this thread.


Here is the current state of the tank. Filled with water, salinity 1.024 and kicked off cycle with a piece of frozen shrimp I had left in the freezer.

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