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Wtb oregan tort


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The following post was from Zack at Digital Fishroom, he said he's willing to cut more of the following and was able to replace some the following frags with other such as Oregon Tort. Maybe you or couple other wanna go in on this package and replace one of the frag with the Oregon tort? Hope this helps. The Oregon Tort i have left is very very small lol, sold the rest. I do have the ultimate stag and blue paletti stag that I can frag anytime for you if you want. I was thinking about putting a 7-10 monti frags package for sell soon - that I can give you if you want. Let me know, thanks.


How 'bout some love for the sticks!

Pack is $150 + Shipping. You get a frag of all 10 of these!

PACK SOLD. I do have enough to make up one more pack like this for anyone interested.

-Pink/Purple Tip Sarmentosa
-Flashlight Acro
-Purple Tip Acro
-Pink Lemonade
-Hawkin's Echinata
-Tubb's Pink Jade
-Boker's Teala Monster
-Blue Tip Tenuis
-Tyree Solitaryensis
-TDF Indiglo

spspack_27191.jpg spspack_27195.jpg

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