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6 Gallon Fluval Shrimp Kit Tank and FW Tank Setups

Chad and Belinda

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First is a 5 gallon tank, back painted black, small hang on the back filter with extra cartridges, marineland LED light (cord a little touchy, but stays on fine if you don't touch it). & I'm not sure if the light will support corals, but probably not. I use to have it on my refugium. I'm also not sure which model it is. It also has a plug in timer for the light. I'll be moving the gold fish, but if you want it for a fresh water setup, the wood, plants and gravel will go with it $25 OBO

Second is currently saltwater. It's the Fluval Shrimp Kit tank and is approximately 6 gallons. It has the fluval nano filter and also comes with an algae scraper. The light is a Skyye LED clamp on light. It has all white lights for daylight and a blue night light. I have an extra light that is missing the cord/plug for one of the led colors, but I can't remember which one. I'll throw that in also. It comes with what you see in the photo...all rock and corals (just a few easy ones), a feather duster, coral banded shrimp and a few nessarius snails. It also has a lot of little pods so it may be a good tank for a pipefish. I originally had one in there before it was established and I don't think he was getting enough food...died after about 6mths. Must bring your own bucket and containers for transport $75 OBO

Corals in tank are: cabbage leather, green star polyps, small mushroom and two small Kenya trees

Need these gone ASAP

Please respond via text 512 - nine 3 four - four 9 7 four



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I love that leather. Where would I find one?

I think chad and Belinda have one for sale. It comes with a free tank setup and a bunch of other stuff. :).

Lol... I was tempted... but I would be in trouble if I brought home another tank.

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