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Orphek Atlantik Wide Convex LED Fixture now available at Vaquatics


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We are proud to offer the Orphek Atlantik Wide Convex LED Fixture with the Free Shipping and prices starting at $849.99 with discounts of 5% if you redeem the like coupon on our website and up to 849 incentive points at Vaquatics.net!


  • Orphek is proud to announce their new flagship LED pendant, the Atlantik


    The Wide Convex LED Atlantik is a four channel, six driver system whereby each channel controls a particular color range of LEDs. The channels are labeled as Illumination 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each channel can be independently controlled by both time and intensity allowing unlimited programming possibilities An automatic timing feature is available as well. The programming is performed with the controller(sold seperately) and once programmed, can be uploaded to the Atlantik Pendant via a standard USB cable which plugs into a USB port located on top of the pendant. A PC can also be used to perform this task and software is included. If multiple pendants are used, only one controller is needed. Each channel is independently powered by its own LED controller and an integrated Meanwell driver. Any new software updates are available for downloading on our web site to ensure that your Atlantik is never outdated.


    Designed specifically for the needs of photosynthetic marine invertebrates.

    High PAR/PUR for deep aquariums.

    Easily replaces energy wasting 250-400 watt metal halide or HQI lamps.

    Advanced optical technology to reduce water surface refraction and reflection.

    The spectrum of our LEDs helps control nuisance algae.

    Controller is included, no need to buy a digital controller.

    Selectable 8 Pre-Programmed Photoperiods: Click HERE for more information on the programs.

    Full dimming capabilities on all four channels.

    Sleek modern design is offered in a white housing.

    Reduces up to 50% of energy consumption.

    Low noise fans.

    Environmentally friendly.

    Highest PAR per watt available.

    Orphek can provide custom LEDs for each channel of lighting if desired.

    Mean well driver.

    Data /Time/ program/ Battery backup In the Atlantik Unit Body.

    All Leds on.


    The Atlantik’s LED make-up includes four high range UV and four of our new wide spectrum red LEDs for improved color and fluorescence of your corals.

    A total of 78, three watt LEDs are used and all run at ~700mA to extend the life of the diodes.

    Four whisper quiet cooling fans are mounted in the chassis which keep all electronics at safe operating temperatures.

    The Atlantik is a four channel,

    The channels are labeled as Illumination 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each channel can be independently controlled by both time and intensity allowing unlimited programming possibilities.

    Illumination 1 - 24 blue LEDs (460nm) dimmable from 1% to 100% simulating T5 actinic lamps.


    Illumination 2 - 28 full spectrum high Kelvin white LEDs ((17,500 Kelvin) dimmable from 1% to 100%. Metal halide can be simulated by mixing channel 1 and2. (US version has 14 White and 14 blue)


    Illumination 3 – 8 blue (460nm) and 4 UV leds (410nm) are dimmable from 1% to 100% and act as moonlights. Orphek’s UV LEDs


    Illumination 4 – 10 white (12,000 Kelvin) and 4 red LEDs dimmable from 1% to 100%, this adds more warmth to the color of the aquarium. With the combination of moonlights this can simulate a red or harvest moon.


    Green LEDs are not used in the Atlantik as this spectrum (525-620nm) can increase Cyanobacteria growth. Our red LEDs are kept to a minimum as this spectrum (665-680nm) can increase nuisance algae growth if enough intensity is present.


    The chassis is constructed of all aluminum and acrylic, much like our PR156 but larger in length and width. All hardware used is of high grade stainless steel and will not rust and a suspension kit is included with each unit. The Atlantik is available in two models. Our standard model is designed for aquariums over 36 inches deep while the wide model provides more coverage for shallower tanks and/or frag tanks 36 inches or less in depth. The LED make-up is identical for both models. (410nm) are safe for both the eyes and skin in humans.


    LED Housing

    Length: 24.21” (615mm)

    Width: 9.37” (238mm)

    Height: 2.11” (53.6mm). Atlantik Wide housing is 1.77”(45.1mm)

    Weight (Wide model): 10.12 lbs (4.9 kg)

    CablesUSB cable:

    Power cable: 70.86 (1.8 m)

    Extension cables available at an additional cost.

    Suspension Kit

    2 steel cables: 9.84” (250 mm)

    1 steel cable: 70.86” (1.8 m)


    Input voltage: AC – 85-120 volts / 200-264 volts

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Power consumption: 180-186

    Electrical outlet: Region appropriate


    78 LEDs per unit

    Wattage of each LED: 3 watts but driven at ~2,4 watts(700mA)

    LED Make up

    28 – 17,500K white

    10 – 12,000K white

    24 – 460nm blue

    8 – 450 nm blue

    4 – Orphek special High range red

    4 – High range 380-430nm UV

    NOTE: Other models available via special order. Model ATL90D for 48"+ deep tanks and model ATL120D for 42-48" deep tanks. Please contact us directly to special order either of those models.

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