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  1. Vaquatics


    Aquamaxx We are proud to announce that we will now be carrying AquaMaxx#Protein #Skimmers. We will be adding more products in the near future. Happy Reefing!
  2. Now available at Vaquatics Control your Tunze pumps, lights, heaters, CO2 system and many other accessories, all through WiFi with The Tunze SmartController 7000. The new controller lets you connect and sync all of your accessories together through a single controller giving you maximum control through individual channels. Includes Temp Probe Tunze Light Control Tunze Pump Control Heater Control pH Control CO2 Control Compatible with Tunze Safety Connector 6105.500 Happy Reefing, The Vaquatics team
  3. Hey Guys! For some reason the link for the rest of the post never came through. All of our contests are on Facebook. We apologize as we can see this can be frustrating and confusing! We will make sure that the posts in the future have the link. The winner has already been announced and claimed their prize but we do have a few more weeks of contests so stay tuned.
  4. We are so very thankful for each and every one of you who has supported our business Make sure you read all of the rules to enter, because we will be verifying to make sure they are followed when we draw the winners' names! Here's how to enter: You must like and comment on the post to be entered. Only one entry per person. Must contact us within 48 hours of name being drawn or a new winner will be drawn. Contest will end on Saturday June 11, 2016 @ 11:59 PM.
  5. MSRP: $124.99 INTRODUCTORY MSRP (THRU 1/1/2016[/size]): $99.99[/size] THE SMALLEST ATO AVAILABLE Incredibly Small & Compact Suitable for nano/pico aquariums Optical Water Level Sensor - NO MOVING PARTS! Quick SecurityTechnology with failsafe protection Very Easy Setup Safely keep water & salinity levels (in Marine Aquariums) stable Adapts to most aquarium/sumps with walls up to 1/2inch 1 year Warranty WHAT IS QSD TECHNOLOGY? The Smart ATO Micro is a unique Auto Top Off system that monitors and automates refilling evaporated water. Best of all it is very easy to install and contains no moving parts that can fail.[/size] This ATO comes integrated with QST (Quick SecurityTechnology) which provides real-time fail safe protection against failure. You simply move the optical sensor to adjust the desired water level within your sump. Its that easy! MOUNTS TO MOST CLEAR, TINTED OR PAINTED SURFACES MAX WALL THICKNESS: 1/2 INCH (12.7MM) [/size] Everything you need is included Controller/Sensor, Power Adapter, DC brushless pump capable of pumping to a height of ~6.5 feet and a maximum flow rate of ~74 gph and 6.5' of water tubing with magnetic mount tubing holder. [/size]Will work in complete darkness. Smart ATO Micro Specifications DC Feed Pump model: DP-200 Brushless (30000hrs) – Head : 6.5ft (200 cm) Flow rate: 74GPH (280L/HR) Power: [email protected] 12V Pump cord length: 5.5ft Power cord length 5.5ft Pump tubing size: Inner diameter: 6.5mm, outside diameter: 8mm Note: It is possible to change to the other PUMP or solenoid valve directly(< [email protected] output)
  6. Hello fellow reefers, Version 1.0 of our new android app is now out and available for download at the link below. We are excited and this is just the first step in many to come. ....stay tuned. Click here with your device ti get the app! The Vaquatics Team
  7. Hello fellow Reefers, If you are going to be going to MACNA 2015 in Washington DC this year be sure and stop by and check out our booth. We will have a ton of items to choose from and we always love to meet fellow hobbiiests from around the country. Visit our Website for greal deals and info on new products! Also go to or Facebook page for happenings with Vaquatics as well as social interaction with us with the click of a mouse. Happy Reefing, The Vaquatics Team
  8. Hello fellow reefers, We hope all members of the club are doing ok after the recent weather you have gotten, Our thoughts and prayers go out to any families that are affected. From our family to yours, The Vaquatics team
  9. Our new points program is here and we are proud to offer it to all of our customers. It our way of saying thank you and our way to giving back to everyone who love this great hobby. How the points program works: When you sign up you start with 500 points! You receive 1 point per dollar spent. Points do not expire! You will receive information when you log in. Make sure you log in in here: ​ Happy Reefing, The Vaquatics Team
  10. Area 51 Phyto 8oz bottle will be $5 each use code “BFPHYTO” at checkout. All Maxspect and Reef Octopus (excluding the Gyre) will be 10% off FRIDAY only use code “BFMAX10” at checkout for Maxspect and “BFREEF10” for Reef Octopus. 15% all Radion XR15 Models and MP10 and MP10W Nov 18th - Dec 1st use code “BFECO15” at checkout Spend $50 save 10% use code “BF10” , Spend $175 save 15% use code “BF15” , Spend $500 save 20% use code “BF20” from midnight to noon on Black Friday All Neptune Products are 10% off until 12/1 use code “BFNEPTUNE10” AI Hydra TwentySix use code “BFTS15” and FiftyTwo use code “BFFT15” is 15% off and 10% off the controller, Director and classic mounts use code “BFAI10” For Every $100 you buy in gift cards from Vaquatics we will give you an additional $10 free. (Maximum $100 back on gift cards) This will be automatic in our system but may not show on your receipt. Roggers Reef Food 3 oz packs will be $5.99 for the Coral Blend using code “BFCB” at checkout and $7.99 for the Complete Blend and Complete Blend Plus use code “BFROGGER” at checkout.
  11. We will be adding them daily to our site and Facebook so be sure to follow us there. Here are some of the deals that we have going so far....Codes will be posted soon Area 51 Phyto 8oz bottle will be $5 each All Maxspect and Reef Octopus (excluding the Gyre) will be 10% off FRIDAY only. 15% all Radion XR15 Models and MP10 and MP10W Nov 18th - Dec 1st Spend $50 save 10%, Spend $175 save 15%, Spend $500 save 20% from midnight to noon on Black Friday All Neptune Products are 10% off until 12/1 AI Hydra TwentySix and FiftyTwo is 15% off and 10% off the controller, Director and classic mounts For Every $100 you buy in giftcards from Vaquatics we will give you an additional $10 free. (Maxiumum $100 back on giftcards)
  12. This unit will be $299.99 and there will be other options in the near future. One thing I can tell you is 1 for 200 gallons or less is all you need and no more anemone nightmares or nasty clogs.It can be adjusted and it creates flow from top to bottom. It is an amazing invention compared to all the others we have seen.
  13. These will be avialable in October. Stay tuned for more information. Click here for more information on the Maxspect Gyre Generator. Happy Reefing! We are also doing a Shark week contest on our Facebook page.
  14. We have some AMAZING news! Ecotech is running a very rare sale for the month of August! We are excited to be able to bring this sale to you and let you know about it! The Radion Lights will be 10% off and the VorTech Pumps will be 15% off. The prices will already reflect the reduced price on the site so no need to worry about those pesky coupon codes! Please also keep in mind that no other discounts will apply to this sale. Visit www.vaquatics.net for these amazing savings! Happy Reefing! The Vaquatics Family
  15. We got a visit this weekend from Chris Conti and couldn't be more excited. For those who don't know or recognize his name he is the Vice President of Sales at CoralVue, a well respect person in the hobby and was a wealth of information. After showing him our shop we were able to sit down and chat as well as set up one of the new Maxspect Aquatic Algae Growing Celestial C35-A Spotlight's. It was great to chat with someone who shares the same love for the Reefing Hobby as we do. We wanted to share a few pictures from his visit as well as some of the C35-A. You can find the specs for this light below. Aquatic Algae Growing C35-A Price: $229.99 The Celestial C35-A Spotlight is specific in providing optimal lighting for aquatics plants. Perfect for refugiums growing macro algae. Channel A Hyper Red (x14)Hyper Red Channel B White (x4)3000k Warm White SPECIFICATIONS Celestial C35-F, C35-S, C35-A LED Module Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.5” x 3.3” x 2.5” Weight: 250g (0.6 lb) Power Supply Unit Model: GM50-240200-F Input Voltage / Current: 1.5A/100-240vAC 50/60Hz Output Voltage / Current: 24vDC 2A Weight: 250g /0.6 lb Happy Reefing, Vaquatics
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