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    Aquamaxx We are proud to announce that we will now be carrying AquaMaxx#Protein #Skimmers. We will be adding more products in the near future. Happy Reefing!
  2. Now available at Vaquatics Control your Tunze pumps, lights, heaters, CO2 system and many other accessories, all through WiFi with The Tunze SmartController 7000. The new controller lets you connect and sync all of your accessories together through a single controller giving you maximum control through individual channels. Includes Temp Probe Tunze Light Control Tunze Pump Control Heater Control pH Control CO2 Control Compatible with Tunze Safety Connector 6105.500 Happy Reefing, The Vaquatics team
  3. You could be rewarded with the world’s largest loyalty programs, such as: Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ American Airlines® AAdvantage® Best Buy Reward Zone Frontier® Airlines EarlyReturns® HawaiianMiles, Icelandair Saga Club LifeMiles, Priority Club® Rewards US Airways® Dividend Miles® and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Any purchases starting $50.00 and higher will get you 1 point per dollar. For instance you spend $100.00 you get 100 points to the company from the available choices. We thank everyone who has supported us for the last 5 great years! Happy Reefing, Victor
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