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Rod's Food Group Buy 2.0

Richard L

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I'm out of Rod's Food and since the last group buy was such a big success I'm going offer up another group buy. Because of the quantity discount, last time we got the paks of Original Blend down to $17.59 each! (about $24 ea. locally) So here's the rules:

1. Let's keep this simple! Group buy is limited to Rod's Foods, any flavor (check www.marinedepot.com for choices).

2. Post what you wnat to this thread. I'll keep a running total in this original post.

3. Paypal me your total. Please add $4.00 (per person, not per pak) to cover dry ice, cooler and shipping charges. Paypal is [email protected]

4. Please select "gift" so I don't get charged a fee.

5. Assume $18.99 for Original Blend for your calculations. If we get a better quantity discount, I'll refund you the cash when you pick up the food.

6. I'll be placing the order at noon on Monday, May 13 only for those who have sent me the money

7. Pickup at my house (Jester neighborhood) Tuesday night. Other times can be arranged individually

Current order:

Richard - 3 original, 1 Pacific Plankton (paid)

Mitch - 4 original (paid)

Jimbo662 - 1 Original, 1 Pacific Plankton, 1 Coral Blend (paid)

M. Woods - 1 Original (pending)

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Correct. Flat, skinny sheets that are easy to break to the size you want.

BTW, I started using Rod's in my efforts to minimize the amount of phosphate that I put in my tank. Unlike most of the cubed stuff out there, Rod's doesn't use any binders, which are typically loaded with phosphtates.

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