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Engineer Goby, 2 x Ocellaris Clowns, and Mandarin Dragonet


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2 Ocellaris Clowns - $10 each

1 Engineer Goby - $5

1 Mandarin Dragonet - $10

Clowns are about 1.5" long, one is a little bigger then the other, and are always around each other. I'd really like to sell them together and with the anemone they are hosting in. It's a Red Sherman BTA about 3" wide. If you are interested in the nem, I'll include it for $80 extra.

Goby is about 2.5"-3" long. He comes out during feedings and will occasionally swim around his home. I'll need to set up a trap for him, so please only PM if you really want him and will come pick him up asap after being caught.

Mandarin is about 2" and eats live triggerpods. Has never eaten frozen food, so please be sure you have a good population of pods or are willing to buy pods for him. I'll need time to catch him too, so please only PM if you really want him.

Disclaimer - our tank had an ich outbreak a few months ago. With the exception of the smaller clown (which we added about a month ago), they all made it through and haven't shown any signs of ich. They all eat, breath normally, and look happy and healthy.

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