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Dish or Direct Tv


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So I am fed up with northland cable and I am going to switch to Direct Tv or Dish Network but how they heck do you decide witch is better.

I am not a sports fan I have 2 HD tv's one is 3d but its only 3d because it was cheaper than the 2d model lol but I have it so would like to get programing for it :)

I live alone so there is no fighting over whats on and what needs to be recorded <did I ever tell you TiVo is better than sliced bread> Main non main stream channels that are must haves are

SyFi and AMC I know at one point dish dropped amc but it looks like its back in there lineup at least online.

I think I am leaning to dish with there 120 package at $25 a month for the first few months.

Any one have any info on who's equipment is better ?

any other things to consider ?

Like are the installers chicken and will not install the stuff under my aquarium like northand refused to do. I mean come on its a big empty space whos afraid of electronics under 110 gal of salt water lol. BTW my sump is in the garage through the wall so there really is nothing under the tank but a ton of electronic eq.


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Check lots of review forums. Dish Network is in the top 5 most hated companies because of their lack of customer service...heard that on a news story a couple of weeks ago. My neighbor across the street has Dish and my sister has Direct TV. Neither have had to call for service yet. Both systems have great picture quality.

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Also we put dish in our beach house, the Internet sucks but the installer was great. Asked how and where we wanted it the provided us with his "best" install option which meant drilling through our tile floor. Then an "optional" install which went through the wall very low.

We went with the best option but it was nice to see him worry about the house and give options.

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I would tell you but I cant walk away from On Demand :) lol

I dont think I will be leaving the house all weekend. Im already on season 2 of Game of Thrones and waiting on season 3 of The Walking Dead to run again this weekend so i can catch up. I have seen season 1 and 2 of WD and can't wait to see season 3.

Dont get me started on Dexter I have only seen the first 2 seasons of that. I wonder if my Brother would understand me taking next week off :). Northland Cable sucked soooo bad I dont know how I lasted that long with them. Actualy I do I did not want to commit to 2 years when I was unsure if I was staying in TX. I gave up on finding work back in California so am stuck here for a while hehe.

And to think I only have 3 free months to watch years worth of hbo,showtime ect :).

Oh and SyFy In HD is so much better than the grain/snow/static picture I got with cable.

If you did not notice so far I am happy as can be.

Other than the installer making me feel like I should have tipped him for all his extra work he had to do by running the wires in the attic and not outside in the cold damp morning. I thought I was doing him a favor in my nice warm open attic :). Oh well.

one question ? when you download a on demand movie does it come via internet connection or is it downloaded via the dish ? I tried watching a move before I had a large buffer and it would stop and have to catch up. I do not have that problem with netflix. but it could be the number of things I was trying to record.

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