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Check out my new rotary tool


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I recently visited my dad in Florida and told him that I got a Dremel tool for fragging corals. He basically laughed at me and showed me what he used to use as a rotary tool. It's made by Foredom and he used it in his operating room to grind down bones; he would gas sterilize the handpiece after each use, of course. At any rate, he bought one for use at home in 1998 but he never used it, so he just gave it to me. There's a foot pedal to control the RPMs, which is very convenient since you don't have to slide your finger up and down the hand piece and you can focus on making the cut. The hand piece attaches to the motor via a flexible cord, and the hand piece itself has a flexible portion as well so range of motion is completely unrestricted. The maximum RPM is listed on the motor at 18,000 (compared to 35,000 on my Dremel) which I would assume is plenty for fragging corals. The only problem with it is that the hand piece only accomodates a 1/16" mandrel, and most of the cutting tools come on 1/8" shafts. I went to the Foredom website (www.foredom.com) and they have hand pieces I can buy that will fit 1/8" tools. I just have to go ahead and order one. This would be great for our club's fragging workshop, which I think is tentatively planned for not the upcoming meeting but perhaps the meeting after that. I should have the new handpiece by that time and I'll be happy to take it to the meeting so that everyone doesn't have to bring their Dremels.


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i used mine to make wedding rings for my wife and i.
That's awesome! Which model are you using? I looked at the website and mine looks archaic (but still quite functional) compared to the current models.
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