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MCC BLOWOUT! 40% off all CORAL!

Mr Cob

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Discount code for website: MCC40OFF (http://www.mrcobscorals.com)

Stock List #1:


Stock List #2:


***All pending orders will be given the 40% off as well provided you purchase another coral (note, we will not issue any refunds if we end up owing you money, you will need to just pick more coral). I will send an updated invoice with your pending coral and new coral and give you 40% off the entire order.***

We will keep this going for a couple of weeks and then the rest will go to TT for store credit.

***STORES: You can buy us out for 50% off...provided you take it all.***

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Stores... buy us out and we will also hand over our main wholesale contacts. We order from 5 facilities. 3 are probably no secret but the other 2 are small and not known but bring in the designer stuff.

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Where will I need to meet you to pick up? Also, if someone from RR/Georgtown is going maybe arrange a pickup from there and compensate for fuel? Lemme know. I need a small car for stuff like this.....Z71 just doesnt help on the wallet...

Ok after rereading that it kinda looked like I wanted Rob to come to GT/RR. What I meant was if anyone from North Austin is going if they could pick up my stuff I'd compensate the fuel expense with them.

Derrick H.

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