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New BTA Split Yesterday (My First)

George Monnat Jr

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I've had a big, yellow BTA that I've helped recover to being a green BTA. It has become pretty dark, but it spends more time shriveled up and looking unhappy. That may be due to my increased carbon dosing which I stopped last night. Anyway, it's been "threatening" to split for weeks, but it still hasn't done it. Maybe it's trying and can't? That would be the worst case of constipation ever.

YBTA 29MAR2012


Monster YBTA 22APR2012



YBTA turning to GBTA 10MAY2012


On 11MAY2012, KimP gave me four small BTAs. One was pretty bleached, one was somewhat bleached, one was dark brown and the fourth was a really nice, speckled green.

BTAs 12MAY2012 (smallest, most bleached BTA was hiding in the picture below; left to right: somewhat bleached, speckled green, old/big GBTA and brown BTA)


Note that the brown BTA is about 1/4 the size of the big, old GBTA in the picture above. In the last week or two, the smallest, bleached BTA showed up above and behind the others and then the speckled green BTA crawled to the back of the rock and spends most of its time hiding between the rock and back wall (sometimes poking up some tentacles).

BTAs 29MAY2012


The punchline of the story is that I've been waiting for the biggest one to split for over a month, but when I came home yesterday, the little brown one that KimP gave me had split! I put on my glove, reached in and confirmed it's two separate BTAs (my wife wouldn't believe me before that).

Brown BTA Clones 06JUN2012



I have no idea why that one and not others. Maybe that Peppermint did it (yea, right)? There is a small MJ-400 circulator above and right of that BTA, but it's not blasting that BTA any more than others (looks like less three pictures up). The big GBTA gets more flow. It's like magnets, nobody really knows how or why.

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