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Stock list #2 - Lots of $10 frags! take 40% off ALL Corals!

Mr Cob

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****ENTIRE Stock list PENDING****

Thread shopping with Mr. Cob's Corals!

Discount: EVERYONE GETS 40% OFF!!!

Payment: paypal, credit card or cash at local pickup(we can swipe your credit card at the pickups VI, MC, AE, DI)

Local Pickups: San Antonio - every Wednesday evening from either 7-8pm or 8-9pm, Walmart off 1604 and 281 (check MAAST) Austin -once a month, Always on a Sunday at Walmart off 35 and Slaughter LN (check ARC)

How to order: PM me (Mr Cob) what you want or post here, I will send you an invoice w/tax and then you pay/pickup at one of our local deliveries

*Note: we are out of free acclimating kits and one hole frag racks


*POST HERE to reserve your coral and I will send you an invoice*

+ 40% OFF the listed low prices!

1Z) MCC True Bam Bams mini colony $25 PENDING


2Z) Rasta Look-a-likes mini colony $40


3Z) Red Hornets 2 polyps $60! PENDING


4Z) MCC Alpha and Omega Zoas $25 PENDING

5Z) MCC Alpha and Omega Zoas $8 PENDING

6Z) MCC Alpha and Omega Zoas $15 PENDING


8Z) MCC Alpha and Omega Zoas $8

9Z) MCC Pixie Dust Palys $8 PENDING

10Z) MCC Deep Water Firecracker Zoas $40 PENDING

11Z) PPE 2 polyps $15 PENDING

12Z) MCC Blue Poseidon Eyes 8 polyps $25 PENDING

13Z) Purple Hornets 6 polyps $40 PENDING

14Z) Eagle Eyes $8

15Z) MCC Pinkies $25 PENDING

16Z) Eagle Eyes $10 PENDING

17Z) Radioactive Dragon Eyes $10 PENDING

18Z) Eagle Eyes $8

19Z) Radioactive Dragon Eyes $10


20Z) MCC Lemon Lime Zoas $18 PENDING

21Z) MCC Green Bay Packers mini colony $25 PENDING

22Z) non-Indo Red and Purple Acan mini colony 6 heads $60

23Z) Rainbow Raptors 2 polyps $40 PENDING

24Z) LE Blue Magician Palys 2 polyps $40

25Z) MCC Alpha and Omega Zoas $30


26Z) ORA Tri-Color Valida (couple branches shooting out) $10 PENDING

27Z) Kryptonite Candy Cane 5 heads $20 PENDING

28Z) Radioactive Dragon Eyes 4 polyps $10

29Z) non-Indo Red and Pink Acan 3 heads $30! PENDING

30Z) Speckled Lunar Eclipse Palys 2 polyps $10 PENDING

31Z) non-Indo Ultra Pink Acan 2 heads $30! PENDING

32Z) MCC Curly Q's $15 PENDING

33Z) PPE 2 polyps $15 PENDING

34Z) Eagle Eyes and Radioactive Dragon Eyes $10 PENDING

35Z) Purple Hornets 5 polyps $30 PENDING

36Z) Purple Hornet 1 polyp $10 PENDING


and...the website still has corals also at 40% OFF

Discount code: MCC40OFF


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