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Thank You From GPS

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First off.. I would like to thank ARC for letting us sponsor your forum and group. The more we talk and share information. The better our home, office, or dreams of having the perfect part of the reef will be. We started your forum/group at a 10% discount for your members.

I would like to take this opportunity to share our company to you… Get Pumped Saltwater specializes in SPS Corals and Tridacna Clams. We Design, Build, Install, and Maintain saltwater aquarium displays. We are currently located in Sacramento,CA. Lance & Ranise Pender are the owners.

Here at Get Pumped Saltwater, we have a bunch of LARGE changes coming.. First off, we are expecting a new baby boy July 11. This was very unexpected!! Love You both, Ranise and Baby Lance….

Second, We just moved the family and the company (Get Pumped Saltwater) to Sacramento, CA in May 2012 from our old location, Spring Hill,FL.

My wonderful wife has seen this company grow from just a few Reeflo Pumps (Referring to the name, “Get Pumped Saltwater”) to over 1000 items/livestock listed online. Thousands of dollars spent on the website, community forum and upgrades to both.

Ranise has decided to take on the responsibility of running the store in Sacramento.. We are in the works of opening our first retail/distribution/wholesale store somewhere around Sacramento. Location is still being finalized/decided. We are looking at opening around Jan 2013 -May 2013 (Any Intel on location or anything else will be Greatly Appreciative! And those of you who have already dropped locations and Intel... Thank you).

We will be having a min of 1800+ Gallons of quality fish livestock on hand.

As some of you may already know. We specialize in SPS corals and Clams. As of now, we will have our 200+ Gal. dedicated standalone Clam system and a 200+ Gal SPS tank. The coral tanks will increase as soon as we get situated to another 480+ Gal.

We have 480+ Gallons of Real Reef Rock holding tanks ready to be set up.

This is a huge step in saving the reefs! With the increasing demand and environmental impact of the Live Rock trade, Real Reef Mfg. Inc. developed REAL REEF in response. Real Reef is a trademarked patent pending American aquacultured bio-active living reef aquarium rock.

Real Reef is a 100% environmentally friendly Live Rock substitute. It is a clean calcium carbonate rock with great buffering ability, shape, color and everything else you like in a great live reef rock. There is no curing required, as it is packed directly from the Real Reef farm's grow out tanks and sent directly to Get Pumped Saltwater. We’ll sell Reel Reef retail to customers, distribute to stores and wholesale to installers.

Real Reef doesn't have unwanted hitch hikers such as crabs, aiptasia, sponge, flatworms, bristleworms and other nasty creepy crawlies! Real Reef looks, feels and aquascapes like real live rock. Most Aquarists think it's better than the real thing!

It's time as a hobby and industry we start looking into the future and protect this hobby we all love so much.

We will also have our 520 Gallon, 700 Gallon system show tank in the store.

We might have a special tank that is still in Lances head/ In the works.. This tank might just be the only tank of its kind in all of the USA that's in a Retail store... Size, Livestock, and Visitor interaction are the only hints of what might be up GPS's sleeve.

Get Pumped Saltwater will have a total water volume of 3800+ Gals + The Special Tank.

We have already setup some Acrylic Manufactures around Sacramento to supply us with acrylic, so we can still design, build and possibly install (if time lets us) aquarium displays. As most of you know, we only work with Acrylic.

We have also been awarded the contract to be the exclusive distributor for Reef Savvy Aquariums for Hawaii. Reef Savvy is one of the leading Glass Tank Manufactures in the country. They have been in the industry since 2006 and is quickly working to the top of the custom glass aquariums business. Reef Savvy focuses on quality materials and an unparalleled attention to detail. We are now talking to them about setting up a demo only tank at the new store for other retailers and customers to come and see what they offer. If you haven’t heard of them. Please look them up. They do some amazing work with glass.

GPS is planning on having sumps and maybe some smaller Acrylic tanks in house at the store (But, it won’t be right off the bat.). We specialize in External Overflow tanks. To order an internal overflow is a special order with us. To understand how an external overflow works. Please contact us or view a video on our forum under the “Tank” Thread. We are going to be bringing in the quality dry goods into our store. As you can see from our site we only offer quality items that work.

This list is not even half of what we offer.

American Marine

American Euro Skimmers

AE Tech

ASM Skimmers

Aqua Euro Chillers

Aqua Logic Chillers

ATB Skimmers

Blue Life

Bubble King Skimmers

Bubble Magus Skimmers

CAD Skimmers

Coral Vue


Digital Aquatic

EcoRay LED Lighting

EcoSystem Filter


Ecoxotic LED Lighting


Finnex Lighting


Get Pumped Saltwater Aquariums

Hamilton Tech Lighting


Iwaki Pumps

JBJ Chillers

JNS Skimmers

Living Color Aquariums

Living Color Products

Lumenarc Lighting


Neptune Systems

Panworld Pumps

Plumbing.... Best bulkhead prices in the industry.

Precision Custom Aquariums

Precision Marine

Purely H20 RO/DI Products

Reef Octopus

Reef Savvy

Reeflo Pumps

Reeflux Lighting


Schuber Wright

Sea Swirl

SWC Skimmers

Trigger Systems

TruVue Aquariums


You are more than welcome to pass any suggestions on what you would like to see, want us to offer or anything at all… We are here for you all and always willing to help make your aquarium dreams, a reality.

Thank You,

Lance Pender


Get Pumped Saltwater

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Can we order Maxima clams already attached to a small piece of Real Reef? The biggest problem I've had with my little Maxima is getting to attach to a small rock that I can use to move it to a better location (up higher for better light after acclimation).

Are your clams "pre-quarantined" so we can be assured that they don't have parasitic snails, etc.?

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Can we order Maxima clams already attached to a small piece of Real Reef?

It wouldn't make much difference if they were attached.. They would probably detach in route or once in the new tank. Sometimes they will stay put. (and anytime you see a clam epoxied to a rock or frag plug... walk away from that shop.. They don't know what they are doing)

The biggest problem I've had with my little Maxima is getting to attach to a small rock that I can use to move it to a better location (up higher for better light after acclimation).

Little clams especially the little Maxima's are like children.. They keep moving and running around the tank.. It takes them a while before they attach themselves. When we bring in these little guys, we will bring in like 30 to 60 of them. Every morning we go to that tank first and gather all the clams up and get them back where they need to be.. Every clam that we offer online is numbered so we have to match them up to their respected number...

Are your clams "pre-quarantined" so we can be assured that they don't have parasitic snails, etc.?

When we get them they are all visually inspected, scrubbed, fresh water dipped and scrubbed some more. They show up pretty clean, so it goes pretty fast. They are in our systems for a few days to a week. We keep a close eye on our clams.

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