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Beginner SPS pack

$25 (OBO) for

  1. green birdsnest 1.5"x 1" multiple branches
  2. Purple birdsnest 2"x1.5" multiple branches
  3. Purple digi 1"
  4. Orange digi 1"
  5. Northern lights 3/4"

All of these are hardy SPS's (except maybe the northern lights) and are a great way to get your feet wet in the SPS corals.

~~ I can replace most of these, if for some reason, they die on you. ~~~

$15 Northern Lights 1"

$20 Red planet SPS 3/4"

Will combine the red planet and the northern lights for $30

$10 Eagle Eye Zoas 8 heads

$20 Hammer coral 3 large heads

$10 Unknown Orange, yellow, peach zoas 4 heads

Purple birdsnest, Purple digi, Orange digi, Unknown Orange, yellow, peach zoas

green birdsnest

Red planet, Northern Lights

Hammer coral

Pick up is at my house in NE austin near the samsung plant. I can also meet people at ACC Northridge around 6:00 to 7:15. Pm or call/text ( text is fastest) 512 536 o 7 one 9. Will hold with PayPal


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If I can get off work in time tomorrow I may take the hammer coral off your hands

Give me a call when u get off. I'm going to be home from 5:15 to about 6:45. Then I'll be back from class at 9:20 (M to TH)

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