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Corals for sale at WYSIWG Grand opening

don duncan

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Here are some of the corals that will be available at the WYSIWYG. Some are indeed wysiwyg, others are not.

The prices below are for that days event only.

1. garf Bonsi frags - 1+ inch $15

2. Tyree Soli frags - 1.5x1.5 $20

Mother colony - Will sell as colony for $100


3. Pearlberry mini colony - $90 (pending Tim)


4. AOG Palys - 3 polyps $15 (pending Chris) I have one 2 polyp frag


5. Candy apple red - 3 polyps $15 (pending Chris)


6. Large confusa Cap $35


7. Super man Monti frags

Small one $5 - Large frag $20

Orange crush Monti

Small one $10 - Large one $30


8. Green tabling acro $20


Here is the mother colony


9. Green tort frag - 4+ inches $40 (pending Tim)

Here is mother colony


10. Eagle eye zoas 15 polyps $15

Whamin watermelon 10 + polyps $15

11. Appleberry Monti

Small Frags $25 Large Frag $50 Sells online for $90 for a half inch


These prices are for the day of the event only. You can pm me to reserve something.

More to come soon

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If you go to the sponsors section its a buisness that recently opened up and the grand opening is today.

wysiwyg is the first letter of each of the following words :) what you see is what you get and is a common word used to discribe a picture of an actual coral you are purchasing and not just a pic of the mother colony

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