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Full 75g setup & cabinet - SOLD


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** Includes:

  • 75g Aquarium
  • 48" x 18" x 30" Cabinet
  • 100 pounds - live sand
  • 70 pounds - Cultured Live Rock
  • 10 Gallons of marine salt (100 lbs)
  • Several invertebrates (5 -7 hermit crabs, 5 snails, 1 peppermint shrimp)
  • 1 Protein Skimmer
  • Marineland Canister Filter
  • 2 powerhead pumps (Hydor Koralia 1050, Hydor Koralia Evolution 750)
  • 1 heater
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 saltwater test kit (tests ammonia, pH, nitrites, nitrates)
  • 1 container of water adhesive putty

This 75 gallon saltwater tank has been running for about 5 months and I had intended on adding fish and corals but I'm just too busy. I never even used the protein skimmer.

The live rock is from Fiji and has already been cultured. No traces of ammonia or nitrites exist in this tank. The pH is steady around 8.0 and there are very little traces of nitrates.







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Hey Caleb,

Thanks for the interest. I'd prefer to keep the system in tact to keep it as healthy as possible. Maybe you can get someone to buy it from me and you can snag the powerheads from them? grin.png - long shot, but just a thought.

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Thanks Caleb: $50 for the powerheads

Funkness: $80 for salt - and I don't know that I can sell the tank and stand without selling the live rock - I dont have any other container. Are you interested in buying the rock as well?

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Well, the whole setup (salt, rock, tank, cabinet, sand, skimmer, inverts, etc.) is $600

If you don't want the skimmer or canister filter, I can take off $100.

I haven't used the skimmer though and I paid almost $200 for it, but it's up to you if you want it.

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