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Kirk's 20H Reef Tank


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Finally got some time to upload some pics of my tank! It is a 20 gallon high with built in filtration from Fishy Business. The pump is a 200 gallon p/hr but I also threw in a small oceanic pump. I am using the Dimmable 60w Cree LED fixture.


This 1st pic is at 2 weeks. I like the minimalist aquascaping, but since I'm not running a refugium I decided to double the amount of live rock for better filtration.


2 1/2 months



Some radioactive dragon eyes I picked up from RCA. Amount of polyps doubled in 3 weeks.


Not exactly sure what type of Acropora this is but I like it. Should it have better polyp extension?



Love this guy! He's been rough on his dorsal fin though. The pistol shrimp is hiding.


Had this guy for a couple weeks. This is about the best extension he's had so far...


Red Monti Digi...Special thanks to RChavez, he's been my main coral supplier! haha

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I love them. You can see the change in color of the rocks from the 1st pic. I'm getting pretty good growth from my coral as well. Only bad thing I have noticed is I had some browning in a couple of my blue/purple sps. It will be interesting to see if it comes back.

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