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Full Setup- 240G FOWLR w/ Incredible Livestock


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I have decided to leave the hobby for a while. Between three kids and work there just isn't the time right now. I have lots of offers for individual items already, but want to sell as an entire setup first so please no offers to part out at this time. If I make that decision I will post the livestock and equipment not already spoken for in the appropriate forums.

240G Glasscages tank w/ wood stand and canopy including all below equipment and livestock, as well as all accessories and chemicals that I have remaining- $4000


Tank- 240G (8'X2'X2') with two internal overflows. Some minor scratches.

Sump- ~Approx 75 gallon custom sump with baffles, wet/dry compartments. Is cracked on one corner well above water line

Matching stained wood stand and canopy. They definitely could use some refinishing and are nothing special. However, they are still servicable.

Lighting- 12X 54W T5 built into canopy on two separate power supplies. Adjustable LED moon lights. Canopy also has exhaust fans at each side that are effective at keeping temperature stable except on the hottest days.

System pump- Reeflo Super Dart Gold

Protein Skimmer- Reeflo Orca 200 w/ Reef Octopus Waste Collector (Auto shutoff)

Chiller- Current USA 1/3 hp Tower.

UV Sterilizer- Aquamedic Helix 36W

Skimmer/Sterlizer Feed Pump- Eheim 1262

Custom built Kalkwasser Reactor w/ Eheim 1048

Tunze Osmolator Auto-top off unit w/ ~25 gallon auto-top off tank and custom cabinet to match stand and canopy

(2) Taam Seio M1100 Powerheads w/ magnet mounts

(2) Midwest Aquatics Sulphur Denitrators w/ Eheim 1048 (these are not currently hooked up, but have extra new media still in jugs)

Aquamedic Ozone Generator 300 (not currently hooked up)

Purely H20 100g/day RO/DI system w/ extra DI stage (extra filters, carbon blocks, and DI media)

55 gallon drum for RO/DI storage (bulkhead and ball valve for easy access to water), 42 and 30 gallon Rubbermaid Food Quality Containers on wheels w/ bulkhead and ball valve for salt water mixing and servicing

Pan World 50PX-X Service pump

Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 150 w/ pump

Various spare parts, plumbing parts, and hoses. Full line of Seachem chemicals.

All livestock are stable in the system w/ most having been in the tank in excess of two years


Pair of Crosshatch Triggerfish (Male is ~12" and Female is ~ 8")

Queen Angelfish ~12"

Purple Tang ~7"

Naso Tang ~8"

Princess Parrotfish ~6"

Barred Rabbitfish (S. Doliatus) ~8"

Hawaiian Blue Spot Toby (Puffer) ~3"

Flame Angelfish- ~3"

Pyramid Butterflyfish ~6" (this fish has significant scarring from a brush w/ infection about 3-4 years ago, does not appear to affect its health at all now, but is no longer a looker)

Oscellaris Clowfish (female) ~3" (lost her mate about 6 months ago when they moved to this tank from my reef tank).

Pink Flowerpot Anemone ~ 5"

Approximately 200# of liverock with some mushroom and soft corals

The attached pictures are a little older before we moved to our new house, and hence some of the livestock you see in the pictures are no longer part of the system as I swapped some things out when I moved the tank. I will try to get some updated pictures this weekend.

If someone is interested who wants to use a credit card we can run the tranaction through Paypal, and I am willing to handle the fees for someone who pays full price. Otherwise cash is always accepted.

Please contact me via PM and I will be happy to provide you with my cell number if you have any questions.





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If this goes the way of a part out the triggers will not lack for a new home. Long before I even considered selling the tank I received several serious standing offers for the triggers along the lines of, "If you ever decide to sell . . ." They are truly awesome fish, both in looks and personality.

Best of luck with your move.

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Sorry for getting off topic...

Awesome Crosshatches... how has your experience with them been?

I have an 8' 240 and am thinking about possibly adding a male Crosshatch. Do you think not being in a pair is detrimental to the fish?

Also will be a mixed reef with one other Trigger (Niger), some tangs, wrasses, clowns, etc... would the male Crosshatch play nice?

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I do not think it is necessary for them to be in a pair. I have seen them both in pairs and individually. It is important to realize that the Crosshatch trigger is very different than a Niger Trigger and other triggers not of the Xanthichthys genus. Triggers in the Xanthichthys genus are primarily planktivores in nature and thus are far less aggressive than many triggers. As a result they are even moderately reef safe. My crosshatches have played nice with all fish in the tank (including clowns, tangs, and formerly a wrasse). In fact, it wasn't until my 12" Goldbar Wrasse passed away earlier this year (five years old) that the male Crosshatch moved to the role of Alpha fish. The wrasse clearly held that role and would sometimes bother the triggers (though usually not for long). Depending on its size, I actually would be more worried about the Niger bothering the Crosshatch.

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Thanks Enigma smile.png

Might def. add a Crosshatch or two to the fish I'll be adding to my 240. I'd like to get a smaller one, but after speaking to a diver, if they ever find small Crosshatch Triggers they are sold for a premium. Not crazy about starting with a 5-6" fish, but I'm fine with it for the price difference wink.png

Did you ever feel that they were getting too big for the 240?

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