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what up ARC

im on the prowl for a few different types of acros, dont really care what it is as long as its not birdsnest, and im only looking for small frags, even tiny. i have a small nano and do not have much room for larger pieces, im talking single branches or a couple branches in the range of 1"-3". red planet, pearlberry, millis, stags, rare or common just let me know what it is you have if your willing to cut down such small frags or if for some reason while moving things around a small peice broke off, dont matter how small, just dont want them that big, i like to see them grow from nothing to something if you know what i mean. anyways let me know! also looking for some palys like purple deaths or nuclear greens! post here, PM, or call or text @ (818) 269-5548

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I have a few acro frags I am about to make....milli lovelli and I already have red planet fragged,,,,,,,text me and Ill shoot you my species list and any photos you would want......

512 317 3862

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on the monti list I have

tyree sunset, rainbow and supernatural and LE sanddollar

blue polyp



superman danae

reverse superman

watermelon patch




warp speed

purple passion


also probably a few more I am forgetting

I have several Miami hurricane chalice 5+ eyes

I have ORA redplanet

green tabling

Jason Fox Cyphastrea

Meteor Shower cyphastrea

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