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LE Chalice Colonies - Deal on last piece!


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Last Chance on the Bazooka Joe! I have 1 piece left! $60 for the 2" piece! It will need to be picked up by afternoon as I am taking the tank down today. If you or someone with money can't pick it up don't bother PMing about it as it will go to RCA today.

Well as much as I hate to do it, I need to sell my chalice colonies.

Bazooka Joe - about 5" across - $490 - Picture below SOLD

Bazooka Joe - about 2" across - $100 - Picture Below

Bubble Gum Monster - about 3" across - $130 Picture below SOLD

Original Mummy Eye - about 1.5" across - $75 Pricture Below

As I have mentioned before, the Bazooka Joe and Bubble Gum Monster came directly from Steve Tyree.

I am located by RCA in north Austin.




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