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60gal rimless w/external calflo - $450.00


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This tank has been fully stock SPS/LPS in my house for over 1.5years and its now too small,

corals are touching each other. We want more corals (acans) and tangs so am upgrading to a larger rimless.

I am starting from scratch so do not need any hardware from the current tank.

Complete system: (corals not included)

- tank 60gal 2'x2'x2',small chip in one corner but does not effect the tank at all

and cannot see it.

- PM Redline RL125 skimer w/pump (great skimmer).

- 8L 24W T5HO fixture, 5 lamps are atinics and 3 are 10K.

- acrylic sump is drill for the pump below.

- quietone 3000 return pump.

- heater

- stand w/ magnetic door

thanks for looking.






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thanks - due to its size, it will fit in most

location. We have it setup next to the bar.

(grab a drink and sit/admire :D )

I can't do this anymore w/ my new setup.

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You know I want this thing wave.gifbiggrin.gif.

I dont get payed till friday. I am going to do my budget and see what I can come up with. I am half tempted to sell my tank and coral I have now to get yours and start from scratch.

Hopefully I can pull something off.


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