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Frag tank setup with lots of startup goods! $395

Michael Rodriguez

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This is a great cheap setup that will make anyone looking to grow out corals very happy. It could even be a good money maker on the side!!

For anyone who would have trouble getting this to their home/buseness ect. I can offer my truck and my help at the cost of Gas!

!!PRICED REDUCED!! (May 09 '11) $295!!!!! is for everything listed below:

-Tanks and stand What I paid for them $450 (new the tanks alone would probably cost someone ~$700)

-Bulk Reef Supply Two part ~$40

-Missing one or two of the jugs

-65% of the chemicals remaining

-Sand paid ~$90 and used 1/4 of it $67.50

-Filter socks $12

-250 gallons worth of unused Coralife salt $76.45

-Julian Sprung's Sea Veggies both purple and green ~$7.50

-various plumbing that would be worth $100 new

-Brute can for mixing saltwater w/ rodi float valve ~$45

-3 large Heaters for winter time ~$80

-Mag Float ~$30


All of this stuff tallies up to around $900...

As you can see, I am taking a complete loss on this. I would love to keep it, but I am going to live aboard a sailboat in the Florida Keys and will not have any kind of space for something like this... I'm not in a real hurry to sell it however seeing as I have a month till I move.











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I will trade this setup for some of the items below :)

-A good working laptop valued at around $300 or above (if you have one that values for less, you can include cash)

-Any items that I could use on a sailboat like fish finder, GPS Epirb, live vests (I will include cash if necessary)

-Solar Panels and/or Wind Generator that would work for a sailboat (I will include cash if necessary)

-Small flat panel TV that is around 28" or less.

-VHF Radio

-12 volt compressor unit to turn an ice box into a refrigerator (Kinda far fetched i know)

Thank you for looking!!

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UPDATE: I am including my old RO unit, replacement filters, more heaters, clampers (Don't know the real name), and fish food! :) (Probably worth around $200 in saving for you)

Even if you don't use the fish tanks for a while, the tanks are packed with goodies!! C'mon, this is an insult to Austin's economy!







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