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Water Barrels


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Hello Fellow ARCs,

I'm looking to purchase plastic water barrels prefer locally (shipping costs are nuts). Also, I'm in Cedar Park and need to stay close to North or NW Austin. Lowe's, Ace, HD seems to only have the grey Brute trash cans but I'm hoping to get either white or blue, and either 55g or 30/32g.

Before I realize I need to settle and be less picky about location and color, I figured I'd see if any fellow salty's or soon-to-be-ex-salty's had extras, had a link to where to get 'em cheap(ish), suggestions.

-Do want a lid

-Don't want a water spigot at the bottom



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Picked up two. Thanks again guys for the help. I told them they need to put these on their site so they will show up on Google eventually.

Man these smell good (syrup) but gotta clean 'em up. Now to get another powerhead for mixing.


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