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Drift Monkey

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Check out NanoReef.com classifieds... the JBJ ones come up pretty frequently there.

Yeah, I almost scored a JBJ unit there yesterday...I was a tad too late though...dry.gif

Also check out autotopoff.com. Great little units and not too expensive.

Yeah I've seen their stuff...and they're local, which is awesome. I'm guessing I could get the nano unit with the .5" mount? All I'd need is a pump (aqualifter), tubing, and a container of water after that right?

Anyone have any experience with their optical sensor unit?

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I've got a brand new JBJ that I'm willing to part with

Just give me a call at 638-seven 4 O seven


I left you a voice mail Jim. I'll be headed up to the Cedar Park area tonight so it'd be convenient if I could pick it up tonight! If not, just give me a ring back and we can set up another time!

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