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got the tank and stand in place in the dining room, found center on either side of the wall and made our hole, 4 inch by 4 inch, enough room for 2 drains and 2 returns. then we got our two approx 40 gallon sumps in line, cut the pvc and dry fitted our three way valve (cool addition watch for future development, hint hint, worlds easiest water change). we then moved to the chiller, installed two bulk heads with 90 degree barb fittings and set the half horse power chiller on the elevated concrete portion of the garage, hoses still needed. we finished the night by making down pipes for the drain hoses to prevent excess water splash into the sump. next we will block off an area in one sump for the refugium, then add hoses for the chiller, plumb the return pump and add the chillers power head. still need to cut the top of one sump open more to accomadate a larger skimmer.






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chiller got plumbed, refugium chamber has rock algae and light, second sump filled with rubble, main tank now has sand and its first 90lbs of rock, pictures soon to come, been real busy so not too much progress but it is running and as stated when we started, this thing is SILENT in the house. The 28 gallon biocube runs louder than this thing. soon to come are lights and wave maker as well as about 200 lbs more of rock.

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