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Oceanic Illuminata Build


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I still remember having a freshwater aquarium (really goldfish) growing up and always wanting to jump into saltwater. This jump was always impractical due to cost and time... fast forward and nano reefs/AIOs come into the picture. After decades of not having an aquarium, I jump head first in to a BioCube 29. After all the research, I am meticulous with the cycling and water parameters. Two years later, I have out grown my aquarium (or my addiction is getting stronger and stronger). I still enjoy the easy of maintenance of a nano reef, but want more space.

I decided to venture into the Oceanic Illuminata... Hopefully, I will learn from this build and get more room while maintaining a low maintenance and cost (we will see with my latest desire for high end coral evolves)... I am only curious as to how long this one will last and if the addiction is exponential and I will be looking at new aquariums in a years time.

T minus 4 days to pick up aquarium and for the build to begin... already receive the dry rock from Marco Rocks... half of the equipment is at RCA (thanks Jake for all the help and patience)... and hitting Lowe's from some supplies... I even took Friday off to begin the process... have mention my addiction? hehe... and so we begin...

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I had to go look at what this aquarium was... and it looks nice! You will enjoy the extra space (going to the 57g). I upgraded from a 24g to a 75g and really love it.

To tell you the truth, I have not had the itch to get a bigger tank (1.5 years into my 75g), but I do have the itch to set up a specialty (seahorse) tank :)

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I am finally picked up all my equipment... It is interesting how much work is involved with getting all the plumbing and equipment working! Here is the equipment list for my build:

- Oceanic 57 Illuminata Tank - Reef Ready

- Oceanic Illuminata Tank Lid

- Custom Stand from RCA

- Dow Blue Foam Board

- Current Sundial with Giesemann Bulbs

- 20 Long Custom Sump from RCA

- Precision Marine Mechanical Filter/Sock

- Precision Marine Redline 100 Protein Skimmer

- Mag 7 Return Pump

- Vortec MP10

- Marco Rock (20 lbs) for Overflow Wall Build and Base Rock (seed with current live rock)

- CaribSea Live Fiji Pink (40 lbs)

I think that is it... I will post pictures soon!

Now, the scary part... plumb everything... 57 gallons is a lot of water on the floor so definitely nervous and taking my time.

More updates soon!

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haha... we sound very similar... I did not want to go too big as I always hear people complain about maintenance on very large tanks... plus all the added expenses... BTW, I was eye'ing my 29 g for a seahorse tank too!

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