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65W Actinic bulbs (WTB)


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Looking to buy two actinic 65W compact florescent bulbs. I went to two pet stores here in Round Rock today after work and they both told me that they would order them and then have to wait about a week for them to come in. I am impatient but at the moment do not want to drive down to Aquatec. I was resting here and was wondering if maybe someone may have a couple that they have stored away not being used. If not, I will make the trip to Aquatec on Sunday if no one has replied. These bulbs have four prongs. Not the straight row of pins.These are two above two making a small square of the four. I will add a picture after I charge my batteries. If you have some and would like to make some money, let me know. I'd prefer them New or almost new. Thanks...

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