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Silent / Fail-Safe (aka BeanAnimal)l overflow


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A flood last night (lost about 15 gals) finally convinced me that I have to drill the new tank before I set it up, so now I'm pondering overflows. I came across the BeanAnimal Silent and Safe overflow deisgn:


Have any of you tried this setup? How did it work? Still using it? I vaguely remember seeing a post a while back, but a quick search didn't turn it up.


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Two, actually. The one on my tank has worked very well since I got it (which means It's probably due to malfunction any day now and will not be moving to my 90gal), but the one from my refugium to to my sump has been a pain, and will be replaced as soon as I get home.

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Two reasons: 1) the plumbing is a nightmare. I wasn't able to use it as designed, meaning I had a ton of bubbles coming out of the second drain line(maybe due to the exits down close to the bottom of the sump) and it seemed that both drains were draining. 2) Of the factory systems I've seen none were any louder than the BeanAnimal setup, which is one reason I chose it.

I do like the built in safety of it, which is the main reason I went with it. SWMBO would not tolerate a flood.

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