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Upgrading tank


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I finally decided to pull the trigger on an upgrade from my current 55 to a new 90 from RCA. My rabbitfish is rapidly outgrowing the current tank, and I picked up a sad little yellow tang at Petco last weekend (adopted him, he was failing to thrive and my wife and I felt sorry for him) that is currently in QT (and fattening up very nicely), but will need a bigger home soon as well.

Now i'm trying to come up with the best way to move everything and cause the least stress for everyone. I'm thinking of getting some rubbermaid tubs to store rock, sand, fish, etc in while I'm taking the old tank down and putting the new one in its place.

Any advice I should keep in mind while doing this swap?

Also, I have a 2+ft long eel in the tank. Any suggestions about the best way to move him without stressing him out too badly or getting bitten? A big net? Grasp him behind the head like you would a snake?


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When I move from one tank to another I always start with new sand. It's simpler and safer IMO. You can seed the new with a few cups of your old sand if you want. I used rubbermaids for the LR and corals, fish and everything went well. Just make sure to separate LPS from SPS in the tubs.....or chemical warfare will ensue....and the cheaper coral usually wins.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to have to stick with the 90 (when I suggested going bigger my wife replied "I like the 90. You'll get bored with this one in a year or two, just plan on upgrading again then." Works for me!) To give the fish more swimming room, I'm going to reconfigure my rock situation. I'm going to move the rock from the 55 to the 90 (with new sand), add the 55 to my sump setup (plus my existing 37gal rubbermaid tub and 15gal fuge). This will let me ultimately add another 75+ lbs (probably more, as funds allow) of rock to to the sump to increase denitrification, yet keep the display tank as open as possible to allow for coral growth and fish swimming room.

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