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I placed a small piece of dried out tonga rock that had some palys on it before it dried out into tank without rinsing off rock in RO water. I noticed about 5 minutes later majority of all corals closed up. Only thing I can think of is that rock was covered in dried up toxins. Hope that dumb mistake doesn't cause too much harm. I immediately removed rock and turned lights off to lessen the stress to corals. Wish me luck!

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Wouldn't be palytoxin, could be something else.

Chemical warfare with zoas and palys produces a distinctive smell when the toxin is released, but it usually doesn't piss off corals much. If the tonga piece was not cleaned or boiled, then it could be ammonia, it could be built up chemicals on the surface.... it could be a lot of things.

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thank u guys for imput....if i wasnt in bastrop i would take u up on that offer dapetit...thats very generous! so far so good to day all have opened up, not to full potential but look like they ase doing better. that was one of those live and learn mistakes. thanks agian for replys and offers, some of the nicest folks i have met have been on reef club. thanks again all.

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