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BABY Long Spined Urchin keeps flipping itself upside down


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It's been some time since we have posted on here. My husband and I sold our 210 gallon set up (boo-hoo) and are now focusing on our 30 gallon tank only. The 210 was just too much with a baby too!

About 3 weeks ago, we got a baby long spined urchin from the LFS. It was such a baby it didn't even have all of its spines yet. Or that was what we were told (I have no reason to not believe this).

To get to the point. The guy has been doing well all this time but over the last few days has been flipping itself upside down and not righting itself. We did a water change today. All the levels seem fine. Just not sure if this is a bad omen..... I am wondering if we made a mistake by getting one so small.... hmmm.....

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Usually a complete lack of spines means he was in very poor water. High nitrates causes diademas to lose their spines. Even a large urchin will look very tiny without their spines so it's really hard to guess their actual age. When I first put mine in my tank he flipped a few times, but has never done it again after the first week. As long as your params are ok, nitrate particularly, and there's adequate food, he'll probably be ok, just keep putting him upright.

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