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40-50lb of live rock


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I am down grading to a smaller tank and have to get rid of some live rock

Some are 10" across, some are flat and some small.

These have been in my main tank acro tank for 2+ years.

Asking $2.50/lb obo

thanks 512-963-6121


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Flat pieces are about 9"x6" I have 4. Good for top /frag shelf.

I have two large pieces, good for base structure

and 4-5 pieces of medium size 4-5". Some have zoas,purple

digi or purple plate growing on them.

*hope the pic helps.




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Thanks. Will you be around today? By chance, did your 60 g tank come with an extra gasket? I have the bulkhead, but am missing the gasket. Are you selling anything out of your larger tank? I'm looking for a sump as well as LR.

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