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Vivid Aquariums Group Buy #17: the "Santa now lives in Los Angeles, CA" GB


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I'm setting up a Vivid Aquariums group buy for the holiday season so here are the details:

Vivid Aquariums has a great selection of just about everything, including FISH so peruse their website, then place your order keeping in mind the following:

- Order closes, Friday, December 10th @ 2p. If I don't have your payment, I drop you from the order. Sorry, deadlines are deadlines.

- Pickup will be @ my house. Or if we have enough interest, I can coordinate a north/south/central pickup.

- Shipment will arrive probably Wednesday or Thursday the next week (Dec 13-17th). Once the order is in I'll have an exact delivery date.

- The shipment usually arrives @ 10:30a so if you can schedule breaking away from lunch or working from home, its a great way to get your goods early!

- minimum GROUP total order is $150. So if we don't get enough interest to have a total order value of $150, it won't go

- $225+ qualifies for free shipping,

- $350+ gets us a 10% discount EXCLUDING WYSIWYG items or "pack" items - e.g. reef cleaner packs, acro packs.

- Dry goods DO NOT count towards our order total, DO NOT get the 10% off and DO NOT get free shipping.

- a $10 box fee applies to our order (we split it among everyone ordering)

Payment works as such: I have to order and pay for everything myself. They won't let everyone pay individually then group our orders together (like @ reefcleaners.org). So I'm requesting that everyone either pay cash or paypal directly to me before 12p on Monday, Oct 18th. Once I get everyone's order, I'll confirm it with them, then send the order off. PLEASE NOTE: If you are paying via paypal, be sure to add 4.25% for paypal fees. Paypal disabled my personal (no fee) option since they think I'm running a business. :) PM me for my paypal addy.

Vivid Aquariums always gives us customer service and MORE than generous frags so you won't be disappointed. MAKE SURE you check out their WYSIWYG picks. They are adding new inventory all the time and their stuff looks great!

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I would, but im under a strict "no live stock until you upgrade the hardware" rule.

also can i drop off your fish trap tomorrow or saturday?

Tomorrow is best. Saturday I'm shooting.

it will have to be some time in the evening or in the morning

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I sent the money. I want the following. http://www.vividaquariums.com/10Expand.asp?ProductCode=08-1875&Category=Coral And Invertebrates:WYSIWYG SPS Frags&SortBy=Priceand http://www.vividaquariums.com/10Expand.asp?ProductCode=08-1811&Category=Coral And Invertebrates:WYSIWYG SPS Frags&SortBy=Price thanksI tried to pm you, but the message would not work

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